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*attempts to be a decent mod*

Besides Northern State, what else do you guys digg? music wise...
What have you wasted your money on or downloaded lately?

the last few reks i got were:

NS - All City (of course, im sure you all know how good that is)
Le Tigre - This Island (unbelievably good, well, not that unbelievable, it is Le Tigre!)

also got...

Eminem - Encore (im about half way thru it, so far its the best album from him)
Simple Plan - Still Not Gettin' Any
Sum41 - Chuck
Good Charlotte - The Cronicles of Life and Death (Life)

yea, im a total pop punk whore :/

i got Destinys Child, Avril, and Ashlee Simpson too, but we'll keep that on the shhhhh....

<3 your friendly neighborhood mod & mainatainer
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