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*attempts to be a decent mod*

Besides Northern State, what else do you guys digg? music wise...
What have you wasted your money on or downloaded lately?

the last few reks i got were:

NS - All City (of course, im sure you all know how good that is)
Le Tigre - This Island (unbelievably good, well, not that unbelievable, it is Le Tigre!)

also got...

Eminem - Encore (im about half way thru it, so far its the best album from him)
Simple Plan - Still Not Gettin' Any
Sum41 - Chuck
Good Charlotte - The Cronicles of Life and Death (Life)

yea, im a total pop punk whore :/

i got Destinys Child, Avril, and Ashlee Simpson too, but we'll keep that on the shhhhh....

<3 your friendly neighborhood mod & mainatainer
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the last CD I bought was 'the green fury' by Matt Pond PA. It's kinda this indie stuff with a cello. very very nice.
cello is nice.
Hmmm... I think the last CD I bought was Putumayo's "French Cafe" - kind of a compalation-type thing with a bunch of sings in French, I loved it!

Ph, btw, did I tell anyone here that I met the girls a few months ago? They were playing with Cake in Boston and we chilled on the tour bus with Hesta, Spero, Sprout, Katie, Humble and the rest. It was awesome! *Doesn't mean to brag but can't help it!!*
thats awesome. i'd brag if i were you ^_~
Hehe, totally.

Northen State is the BEST, of course, and I like your other choices of music as well..... but however, I did'nt like encore as much as the others.... I think that his last one Eminem Show was the best.
i like his more "mature" sound. i had sorta lost intrest in him since 'MM LP', but now i <3 him again.
Fuck encore, it sucks, Infinite thru the Eminem show is better

I'm really into Atmosphere, Sublime, Aesop Rock, Eminem, Canibus, Nas, Eyedea, Brother Ali, Reel Big Fish, Busdriver, Sage Francis, Mr. Lif, Bob Marley, Sole, Dose One, Northern State, El-P, Illoigc, and a lot more.
besides the new Northern State I recently got the souldtrack from the bollywood movie Dhoom, a rajasthani folk CD, Flogging Molly (Within a mile of Home), and Eminem (Encore) :D

and I used my new northern state CD as part of my presentation of my personal western femanism for my Third World Secound Sex class.
Besides NS, I'm diggin' Nelly McKay. Her debut album, "Get Away From Me", is really something. I also like the Postal Service and pretty much anything on Saddle Creek records (ie. Bright Eyes, The Faint, The Good Life, etc).