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I wrote the whole mother fuckin rhyme dictionary.

hey. i just joined this community and just wanted to say it's so AWESOME to actually be able to meet people who love northern state, too.

so. Here's my intro- My name's Bridget. 19. Sophomore at Indiana University. and quite frankly? I'm probably 1 of 10 people who like Northern State at this University. Most people I know make fun of them and just discard them as 'Ridiculous Girls who think they can Rap'. but to me? Northern State is SO much more then just that. They're simply amazing and anyone that denies that is in DENIAL, themselves.

So three cheers for liking Northern State and am ecstatic to be a part of this community.

Quick question- anyone going to see them in Columbus? I believe I'm going, but just wanted to see if anyone else is. Word.

Take it easy.
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Northern State rocks.

I have both of their CDs and I'm hoping that they will visit Long Island soon. =(

By the way, I'm Rach, 16 years old, high school senior. Glad to see a fellow NS fan. =)
Hey.. Northern State you guys are the best I have been listening to you ever since you first came out with the first cd. I love going to yuor concerts and will do anything to get there. I went to your concert in NY when you opend for cake (amazing) and I also made it to the small concert in brooklyn on the 28th. I love you guys and ou'll always be my favorte band.